Paper cups are a type of disposable cup made from paperboard, which is a thick paper-based material. They are commonly used for serving hot or cold beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda. Paper cups are often lined with a thin layer of plastic or wax to prevent the liquid from soaking through the paper.

Paper cups are popular because they are convenient and hygienic. They can be easily disposed of after use, which makes them a good option for events and locations where washing and drying reusable cups may not be practical. In addition, paper cups can be customized with designs and logos, making them a popular choice for branding and marketing purposes.

However, paper cups are not without their environmental drawbacks. They are often used only once before being thrown away, which can contribute to waste and litter. The plastic or wax lining of some paper cups can also make them difficult to recycle. In recent years, there has been a push towards more sustainable alternatives to paper cups, such as reusable cups and compostable cups made from materials like cornstarch or bamboo.